Thrall 40ft Rebuilt well car walkways #11534 and #11544

Here are a few photos of our #11534 and #11544 walkways applied to or preparing to apply to the Walthers Mainline Thrall 40 ft Bebuilt well cars.

The plastic walkways are fairly easy to remove from the assembled model. The plastic walkways appear to be Delrin plastic which some glues have trouble attaching to. We found most of the joints wojuld pop loose with little effort. A couple spots were attached better then others and needed a little more effort to slice loose. A #11 Exacto blade and/or a sharp razor blade worked for me.

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photo photo

Here you can see were one of the plastic supports stayed attached to the plastic walkway when removing it. It was pretty easy to slice from the ewalkway and glue back into the holes in the model body.

photo photo

The following three photos show the walkways applied to the B end of the single well car. I used Canopy Glue to attach these to the plastic supports. This seams to be holding well and dried clear. Let is set for a few hours to make sure it held. In the first photo you can see a spot in the center walkway where the glue oozed up through the holes. After the glue had cured I used a blade to scrape that off and you can see it is gone in the third photo below.

photo photo photo

These tow photos are of the walkways on the articulated 5 unit model. The coupler end walkways are the same for both the single well and 5 unit model.

photo photo

These two photos show a comparison of the model with the plastic walkways and our Stainless Steel walkways applied.

photo photo

#11543 - Thrall 40ft Rebuilt Single Well Car Walkway Set - Walthers Mainline Model
#11544 - Thrall 40ft Rebuilt Articualted 5 unit Car Walkway Set - Walthers Mainline Model

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