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Here are a few photos of our Girlie Mud Flaps. The first photo shows what is included in this package. You will see two sets of light bars, left hand and right hand bars. There are three sits of chrome tips and two sets of girls. And the one inch square piece of black rubber material should be plenty of material to make at least two sets of mud flaps. Photo two shows a set of flaps in the process of being assembled. Notice that the light bar and chrome tips fold and wrap over the top and bottom of the rubber. This will help hold them in place. A dab of CA will also help. Photo three just shows one of the girls placed on a flap. A dab of CA carefully added to the edge of the girl should keep it in place. Photo four is of a set completely assembled. Photo five is at angle of the assembled set. It shows the tabs of the chrome tip halves. These should be touched up with black paint. Photo six is of the set applied to one of Trucks-N-Stuff Peterbilt trucks. The red lenses are from Lonestar Models and are NOT included in the kit. Rather than the lenses, you could add a dab of red paint to the indentations in the light bars. Photo seven, just another photo of the assembled flaps added to the model. A #77 hole was drill in the side of the frame and the mounting pins on the light bars inserted into the holes. Both pins inserted in the hole help hold the bar together, creating pressure to help hold the flap in place. Photo eight, yes the material is flexable. Don't you need your mud flaps to flap around as you role down the road??? If you revers the light bar, you can build them without lights and if you want a straight chrome tip, they can also be reversed. Let us see your creativity and we will add the photos here

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Girlie Mud Flaps with Chrome Tips and Light Bars (2 pair)


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