Part #143

The following three photos show how our walkways look when added to one of A-Lines Thrall 40 ft well double stack cars along with our #163 Frame kit. If one does not wish to add our frames to their model, these walkways could overlay the A-line walkways or you could carefully cut the legs off A-Lines walkways, glue the legs to the car and then glue our walkways to those legs.
Coupler end of 'A unit'
Articulated ends c-d or e-a shown with raised crossover walkways for brake eguipment. The crossover walkways on ends b-c and d-e would be the same level as the big plaform.
Coupler end of 'B unit'.
Walkways are the same as 'A unit' ends but the center walkway is raised for the brake eguipment

Thrall 40 ft. 5-Unit Walkway Set

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