PS2 4427 Low Side with low mount brake housing conversion project.

These photos show both the Tangent 4740 ends (dark gray in photos) and the ExactRail 4427LS ends. The way these two cars have been tooled, with a little work, one could interchange the ends so you could model a low brake housing/wheel version of the 4427 covered hoppers. What you might be able to notice is that the upright channels all point out. But not all of the prototypes with low mounted brake housings had outward facing uprights. The CNW had two orders of 4427s with low mounted brake housings and those cars had inward facing upright posts. So I decided to see if I could develop some sort of conversion kit.
Here are both the ExactRail and the Walthers models with first pass test parts applied. Sorry things look a little crooked, I need to make more templates that will work on both models. You may notice the Walthers car has replacement stirrups while the ExactRail car has the supplied stirrups installed. From what I can tell from photos, on this version of car, all four corners have the squared (rectangle?) style stirrups. So, I may have to experiment with some new stirrups. Also, these test parts are made out of Phos. bronze. But I may make them out of brass as it is easier to bend and work with.
Here you can see an overhead view of the CNW version of roofwalk I will have available soon. I believe CNW is the only road to have these roofwalks without crossover extensions. A side view of the Walthers model. And a photo showing a modified and unmodified Walthers car.
And BTW, when I was developing these parts, I really hadn't considered using them on the Walthers car. But someone asked if they would work on both cars. So as I was testing the parts I was surprised how close they fit on both cars. And I haven't tried them, but after a quick eyeballing of the parts. I believe the above Tangent/ExactRail end frames could be used on the Walthers model.

And for a sneak peek at a project I will be working on after I get these 4427 parts done, I think CNW was the only road with this ACF 2970 configuration. I'm sure someone will fill in the blanks as the project develops.
Thanks for looking!