Caboose Details

For Centralia Car Shops Union Pacific CA-3 caboose, we have a detail kit that contains roof walkways, end platforms and steps.

Part# Description Price
451 U.P. CA-3 Caboose Walkway $4.75

A handful of railroads (NP, CB&Q and SP&S to name three) had Extened Vision Cabooses with Walkways on them. These two kits will allow you to add walkways to the Atlas Model. Two walkway patterns are available. Each kit includes walkways, brass suports, end platforms w/steps and ladders.

Part# Description Price
452 Extended Vision Caboose Walkway - Morton Pattern $6.50
453 Extended Vision Caboose Walkway - Apex Pattern $6.50

At least two railroads (GN and NW) had these extended vision caboose with walkways on them that 'exited' to the right hand side of the car. ei. the ladder was to the right of the center of the car when viewing it from the end of the car. We also have a kit of this style walkway. Included in the kits are walkways, brass supports, end platforms with steps and ladders.

Part# Description Price
456 Extended Vision Caboose Walkway -Right hand mount- Apex Pattern $6.50

If your Extended Vision caboose does not have a walkway requirement, you can still add the end platforms and steps to your caboose.

Part# Description Price
454 Extended Vision Caboose End Platforms and Steps $2.75

For those who are a little more modern (the 90's +) and need your extended vision caboose to reflect it has had its walkways yanked off but the supports left in place... We can help! We now have two detail kits that consist of only walkway supports and ladders. The supports can be applied to the roof of your caboose and the ladders to the end of the caboose. Ladders can be modified by removing parts to represent about any prototype. The two kits differ in the left hand vs. right hand mounted ladders and supports.
Part# Description Price
455 Extended Vision Caboose Roof and End Details - Left hand $3.00
457 Extended Vision Caboose Roof and End Details - Right hand $3.00


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