My CNW SD45 Project

cnw-sd45 cnw-sd45
As you can see I have not done very much on this project. Milling off the dynamic brake blister and grids is about all. The disks in the fan openings are from undecorated Proto2000 GP30 kits. At first I was planing to use them here but now I am thinking about removing this section of the hood and adding a piece of the Cannon flat roof material. I am "ASSUMING" these hoods were flat and did not have the raised seam down the center. As for the tapper from flat to intake angle, I will be using a spare dynamic brake blister from an Athearn GP38-2. From all the photos I have viewed, it appears the CNW SD45 tapper matches the "rear" tapper on EMD dynamic brake units. That is the next step when ever I get time.

If you have not seen info on the winterization hatch screen, here is a link to it.

If you have not seen info on the wire intake screens, here is info on them.

CNW nose mounted gong bell insert info can be found here.

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