Diesel Details

Want to add some detail to your Proto2000 SD45? How about adding some stainless steel intake grills.
Description Price
11805 SD45 Intake Grill set w/ early diamond mesh filter screens $7.25
11806 SD45 Intake Grill set w/ late rectangular mesh filter screens $7.25

SP SD45 Tunnel motor 'elephant ears'. These brass shrouds are meant to represent the tunnel motor shrouds the SP used on there SD45s. For more prototype information on the shrouds, I will point you to the experts pages.

Description Price
14851 SP SD45 Tunnel Motor Shrouds - EMD built round top $8.25
14852 SP SD45 Tunnel Motor Shrouds - SP built angled top $8.25

CNW and DT&I Gong bell Nose plates. Adding those gong bells to the front of the CNW or DT&I diesels has always been one of those tasks that always gave me trouble. As the number of models needing these bells grew, a easier method was researched and found. These new plates just fold up with sides, bottom and a top cap and slide into an opening you make in the nose with the aid of a included template. There are three nose plates per package. Gong bells are not included but any of the commercially available bells will fit.
Description Price
18421 CNW / DT&I Gong bell nose inserts (3) w/ template $3.50

If you are a Rock Island fan, you may be interested in our stainless steel FARR style grills to fit the Stewart U-25-B model.
Description Price
181 FARR Grill-Stewart U-25-B Rock Island prototype $2.75

Rotary beacon and antenna mounting brackets made of stainless steel are easily bent to shape. No styrene building for these details.
Description Price
182 Rotary Beacon Light Bracket - Cab Corner $2.25
183 Rotary Beacon Light Bracket - Cab Center - Low $2.25
184 Antenna Bracket - Small Cab Center $2.25
462 Rotary Beacon Light Bracket without hole - Cab Corner $2.25

Fan Hatches are here! Our hatches feature etched in bolt heads, holes for lift rings, and holes for fans (enabling you to add a new fan). They fit any shell available and accept any fan on the market.
Part# Description Price
180 SD45 Fan Hatch - Stainless Steel $4.00
185 SD40-2 Fan Hatch - Stainless Steel $3.50
186 GP35 Fan Hatch - Stainless Steel $3.50
187 GP38 Fan Hatch - Stainless Steel $3.50
188 GP38-2 Fan Hatch - Stainless Steel $3.00
465 SD60 Fan Hatch - Stainless Steel - coming soon $TBD

Stainless Steel Fan Grills will inhance the detail on top of your diesel locomotive.
Part# Description Price
467 48" Flat Top Fan Grills (2) $3.00
468 48" Dynamic Brake Grills with Lift Rings (2) $3.50
469 48" Spiral fan grills - 10 radial arms (2) $3.00
470 48" Spiral Fan Grills - 24 radial arms(2) $3.00
471 48" Fans - 8 blade style (4) $3.25
472 48" Fans - 9 blade style (4) $3.25
473 48" Fans - 10 blade style (4) $3.25
474 36" GP30 Flat Top Fan Grills with fans(2) These are designed to fit the Proto2000 GP30 shell $3.50
475 36" GP35 Flat Top Fan Grills with fans(2) These are designed to fit the Atlas GP35 shell $3.50

We have brass EMD Blower Housing Step Guards like those found on GP50's, GP60's and the SD60's. The slots in these guards slant at a slight angle.
Part# Description Price
189 EMD Blower Housing Step Guards - brass
(4 per pkg.)

GP7s & 9s can be found with a variety of body louver configurations. Models being produced use a 'common phase' configuration for the body louvers. Now kitbashers and detailers can add additional body louvers to their models without having to chop up an additional shell.
Part# Description Price
461 GP7 / 9 Body Louver set - Stainless - Pkg of 12 $2.25

Some railroads had metal nose or side heralds applied to their E and F units. We have a few nose heralds to but on your nose.......
Part# Description Price
500 Santa Fe Indian Herald Set - Stainless Steel $2.50
502 Southern Pacific Nose Heralds - Stainless Steel $3.00
504 Rock Island Nose Heralds - Stainless Steel $3.00
506 Western Pacific Nose Heralds - Stainless Steel $3.00
508 Baltimore & Ohio Nose Heralds - Brass $3.00
510 Atlantic Coast Line Nose Heralds - Stainless Steel $3.00



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