'73-'75 Ford F100 XLT Detail package
w/ Low Profile Mirrors and 6ft bed rails
Atlas Model #13886

So you are wondering why we did a kit with 6 ft bed rails. Well, they were a Ford option and here is an example of one way they could be used. This kit is the same as our #13880 XLT detail kit with the only difference being the bed rails. The mirrors are what Ford called the Low Profile mirrors that mounted in the back of the mirror. These kinda do. They fold in from the side to give the illusion of back mounted mirrors. The kit includes mirrors, windshield wipers, box rails, sliding rear window frame, window rain guards, metal splash guards (not shown) and "Mag Style" wheel covers. The tool box is from River Point Station . The last photo on this page shows a comparison of these early low profile mirrors to the later top mount low profile mirrors (Ford's style naming - not ours).

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Photo Photo
Photo Photo

'73-'75 Ford F100 XLT Detail package w/ Low Profile Mirrors w/6ft bed rails - Atlas Model


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