GP7/9 Test parts

The following photos are of some brass shutters being tested on a Proto2000 GP9.

I have not given up on making GP7/9 intake shutters to fit behind the intake screens I recently released. This set of test parts have a favorable result, in my opinion. They actually mount from the inside of the shell. The blades are positionable and can be open or closed or in between. A disclaimer - The prototype blades actually pivot vertically in the center of the blade. While that would have been nice to replicate, we tried but it would have been a complex and frustrating install. Sometimes adjustments have to do. Hopefully once the screens are installed and everthing is painted, it won't be noticable. I have a few more tweaks to make but what do you think?

And while we are on the GP7/9 screens, I was asked if these screens will work on the Proto2000 GP18 models. Well, maybe. I tested a set on an undec model and they will with a little work. An unassembled shell has a recessed area for the GP18 grilles. A little styrene strip could be used to make a new frame to hold the new screens. If you have am assembled model, I would think the old grilles could be easily carved off an new screens added in place. Here are some photos of a GP18 shell and some screens sitting on it.

Thank you!

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