Instructions for installing our 4427LS corner posts

The post parts in this kit are designed to be used with our #10876 4427LS end cage kit. They are an add-on part that is not a necessity part for that build but can be added for those that want the corner posts to match the other end cage posts.

It is highly suggested these posts be added AFTER the other posts in the end cage kits are already installed. Leaving the plastic corner posts in place will keep the coupler platform/deck at the proper level and space while reworking the ends for the new end cages. Here is a photo of the B end of a model with the end cage posts installed and it is ready for the plastic posts to be removed.

Once you have everything securely installed you can remove the plastic corner posts. Clean up corners as needed before installing these.

There are just two variations of these corner posts. The left hand (while looking at the end) will have holes for 7 evenly spaced grab irons. The right hand post has just the three holes for the long grabs. Like the other posts, the half etch line dividing the posts is the bend line and is the inside of the bend. For bending these posts, we use a tool like this one You might also want to run a #79 drill bit through each hole (after forming) to make sure your grabs fit in the holes.

Aligning the corner posts in place can be accomplished by temporarily install a couple of grab irons in the upper and lower locations. This will help to visually make sure they are even and your grabs don't have an unsightly slant to them once installed. A small dab of Canopy Glue at the top and bottom of the post will hold them in place. Once glue is dry and the posts are secure, you can start adding the remaining grab irons. Use the bending fixture from the 10876 kit for the longer grabs and short grabs of your choice. Here is a photo of the A end of a WKW 4427LS model with all of the new posts in place and all of the wire grabs added.

Not really much more to this kit. Most of the work involves reworking for the end cages. Hope you enjoy adding our parts to your 4427LS cover hopper. Please browse our web site for other photo etch details we offer.