• THRALL Double Stacks - 40 ft. and 45 ft. wells
  • THRALL 48 ft. wells
  • Spine Cars
  • Roadrailer
  • Gunderson Cars
  • Husky Stacks
  • Maxi III
  • National Steel Car

    THRALL Double Stacks - 40' and 45' wells

    Walkway Kits

    We produce several sets of walkways for Thrall Double Stack Container Cars configured to match the kits produced by A-Line. All of the container car walkways feature the Morton (round) pattern. Note: our 'units' refer to each well. Five units or wells make one complete car, coupler to coupler. These sets are for walkways only.

    Part# Description Price
    141 Thrall 40' End Units (2/Pkg.) $2.75
    142 Thrall 40' Mid-Units (2/pkg.) $2.75
    143 Thrall 40' 5-Unit Set $5.75
    144 Thrall 45' Mid-Units-APL style (2 unit/pkg.) $3.00
    145 Thrall 45' 5-Unit Set-APL style (2-40' ends & 3-45' mid units) $5.95
    146 Thrall 45' Mid Units-TTX style (2 units/pkg.) $3.00
    147 Thrall 45' 5-Unit Set-TTX style (2-40' ends & 3-45' mid units) $5.95
    149 Thrall Electric Version Ends Units (2 units/pkg.) $2.75
    150 Thrall Electric Version 40' Wells 5-unit set $5.75

    Walkway Frames Kits

    Again, the previously listed sets are walkways ONLY. To mount them on the cars, we wanted something that represented the prototypes angle iron construction which would stay durable for operation. What we've developed was several pieces of flat brass in various shapes and sizes. The modeler is required to bend these pieces, forming an excellent representation of the prototype. A few detail features are: locator boxes with 'peek' holes, mounting holes for grab irons, well end load guides and a true angle iron effect in the frames. All kits are for the Thrall style cars by A-Line. Part #163 has over 100 pieces. Kits come with instructions and paper drill templates to aid in the placing of the frames. Kits #161-170 are FRAMES ONLY kits.

    Part# Description Price
    161 Thrall 40' End Units (2 units/pkg.) $8.75
    162 Thrall 40' Mid-Units (2 units/pkg.) $8.25
    163 Thrall 40' 5-Unit Set $17.95
    164 Thrall 45' Mid-Units-APL style (2 units/pkg.) $8.95
    165 Thrall 45' 5-Unit Set-APL style (2-40' ends & 3-45' mid units) $18.95
    166 Thrall 45' Mid-Units-TTX style (2 units/pkg.) $8.95
    167 Thrall 45' 5-Unit Set-TTX style (2-40' ends & 3-45' mid-units) $18.95
    169 Thrall Electric Version End Units (2 units) $9.75
    170 Thrall Electric Version 40' 5-unit set (5 units) $19.25

    Misc. Double Stack Details

    Want to add the details of the end load guides and locator boxes, but not the frames? Then what you need are Part #137 and #138. These same parts can also be used to detail the Thrall 48' well double stacks produced by Walthers. Note: #137 and #138 are standard in the Thrall frame kits.

    Part# Description Price
    137 Thrall End Load Guides (20 per pkg.) $1.75
    138 Thrall Locator Boxes (10 per pkg.) $2.75
    139 Thrall Style Lift Rings with gussets (20 per pkg.) $2.00
    140 Freight Car Lift Rings (24 per pkg.) $1.00
    120 Small Lift Rings w/ removable gussets
    Brass (60 per pkg)

    Try our brass templates, they slide right onto the ends of the units and back off when all markings are completed. Templates are packaged where no duplication of temlates will be required.

    Part# Description Price
    176 Thrall Long & Short Ends-Std. 40' Units & 45' APL Units Drill Templates (2) $6.50
    177 Thrall 45' TTX Short End Drill Template (1) $2.75
    178 Thrall Electric Long & Short Ends Drill Templates (3) $7.50

    THRALL 48' Wells

    If you have the Thrall 48' well double stackd produced by Walthers, we'll have the walkways. The walkways fit right in place of the plastic walkways supplied with the car. the only major modification, is adding the supplied brass frames to hold the side extension walkways. These walkways feature the Morton (round) pattern.

    Part# Description Price
    153 Thrall 48' Well Double Stack Walkways-Walthers single $4.25
    153-3 Thrall 48' Well Dbl Stk Walkways-Walthers car - three sets $9.75
    154 Thrall 48' 5 Unit Wet Walkways-Walthers 305' car $8.75

    Do you have one of these Thrall cars running around the layout with one or more of the corner stanchions bent out of shape or even broken off? Face it, they are there in a very vulnerable locating for getting hit. Well now you can replace them with our stainless steel replacement stanchions which include grab irons. With eight per package, they come in our standard silver (unpainted stainless) and for the first time we are offering a product painted - TTX yellow.

    Part# Description Price
    321 Thrall 48' Well Dbl Stk Replacement stanchions
    Wm. K. Walthers car - 8 per pkg.
    322 Thrall 48' Well Dbl Stk Replacement stanchions
    Painted TTX Yellow
    Wm. K. Walthers car - 8 per pkg.

    Spine Cars

    Morton (round) pattern walkways are available for Athearns Impack car and Walthers Spine car.

    Part# Description Price
    152 Impack Car Walkway platform set - Morton pattern - Athearn car $2.00
    158 Spine Car Walkway Platform set - Morton pattern - Walthers car $2.25

    Front Runner Cars produced by Walthers and formerly by Front Range / Mckean have walkway platforms available in the Morton (round) pattern. A US Gypsum (small diamond) pattern is available for the Front Range cars. Each kit details two cars.

    Part# Description Price
    126 Front Runner Walkways-Morton pattern-Wm. K. Walthers (2 sets) $2.25
    159 Front Runner Walkways-Morton pattern-McKean (2 sets) $2.25
    160 Front Runner Walkways-Gypsum pattern-McKean 2 sets) $2.25


    For the Bowser RoadRailer Coupler Mate, we have a stainless stell detail set that includes handrails with safety screens, steps and a new platform walkway.

    Part# Description Price
    320 RoadRailer Coupler Mate Detail Set-Bowser Kit $4.25

    Gunderson Cars

    A kit for the Gunderson "Twin Stack" from A-Line consists of two walkways for the end units only and twenty brass lift rings.

    Part# Description Price
    148 Gunderson "Twin Stack" Walkways 40' Wells-Morton pattern $2.00

    For a prototypical look, try our brass walkway frame kit to hold our walkways on the Gunderson "Twin Stack" cars.

    Part# Description Price
    168 Gunderson "Twin Stack" Walkway Frames-40' wells-A-Line $4.50

    Brass brake rod guards found on the sides of the B & C units are available with all the extra holes in them.
    Part# Description Price
    136 Gunderson Car Brake Rod Guards-Brass (4/pkg.) $1.00

    Use a brass template for marking drill holes for the #168 frame kit, instead of the paper drill template supplied. Some modelers find the brass templates easier to use.

    Part# Description Price
    179 Gunderson "Twin Stack" Car Walkway Frame Drill Template $2.50

    Husky Stacks

    Instead of building up frames and then adding a walkway, we've saved you some time work by putting the legs for the frames right on the stainless steel walkways.
    Brass details in theses kits include:
    Four etched strips that can be bent to form new stirrup steps using the jig that is included. Each kit completes one car.

    Part# Description Price
    151 Husky Stack Walkways with brass detail parts - A-Line $7.75
    155 Husky Stack Walkwys with brass detail parts - Athearn $7.75

    Add a drop on replacement walkway with corner stanchions to a General Purpose Husky Stack Car produced by Walthers.

    Part# Description Price
    125 General Purpose Husky Stack Walkway - W.K. Walthers $5.25

    Two kits are available for the "2+2" Husky Stack produced by Rail Power Products. The first kit has side platforms like those on the R.P.P. kit and the second kit is a later version that does not have the side platforms.
    Brass detail kits include:
  • Load guides
  • Locator boxes
  • corner stansions

    Part# Description Price
    172 2+2 Husky Stack WW-Early Style, Side Platforms-R.P.P. $9.25
    173 2+2 Husky Stack WW-Late Style-R.P.P (no side platforms) $9.25

    Brass drill templates are a must if you plan to add more than one of our Husky Stack walkway kits. Paper drill templates are supplied with our walkway kits, but the brass templates are worth the investment!

    Part# Description Price
    174 Husky Stack/Maxi III Brass Drill Templates - Athearn Car $5.00
    175 Husky Stack Brass Drill Templates - A-Line Car $4.50

    For those who wish to buy extras of the brass details for the A-Line kit, these are available separately for you. Remember, these ARE included in the #151 walkway set.

    Part# Description Price
    171 Husky Stack Replacement Detail Parts-A-Line Car $3.00

    Maxi III

    Norton pattern walkways and brass details are available for Athearns Maxi III car. These stainless steel walkways already have the legs attached to them like our Husky Stack kits. The brass detail kit and stainless steel walkway kit are separate kits. We fell this will give the modeler freedom to detail these cars to their satisfaction.

    Part# Description Price
    156 Gunderson Maxi III Walkways-Morton pattern-Athearn car $13.50
    157 Gunderson Maxi III Brass Details-Athearn Car $10.25

    National Steel Car details

    Replacement stainless steel walkway platforms for the National Steel Car (NSC) 53 ft. well car model produced by Wm. K. Walthers are available. Go to this page for all the nitty gritty on these details

    Part# Description Price
    13230 NSC 53 ft. Well Car Platform set - Single Car - Wm. K. Walthers Model $ 5.00
    13231 NSC 53 ft. Well Car Platform set w/IBC Boxes - Single Car - Wm. K. Walthers Model $ 6.00
    13232 NSC 53 ft. Well Car Platform set - Three Unit Set - Wm. K. Walthers Model $15.00
    13233 NSC 53 ft. Well Car Platform set w/IBC Boxes - Three Unit Set - Wm. K. Walthers Model $16.75
    13234 NSC 53 ft. Well Car IBC Boxes - 3 sets of 4 - Wm. K. Walthers Model $ 4.00