September 06
I have a few updates that need to be made such as new products, discontinued products and unfortunately price increases.

The new products are: For the Atlas Trainman ACF 3560 covered hopper, I finally have an Apex pattern walkway available. The kit includes a one piece walkway, brass walkway supports (two widths), coupler platforms, drill template and instructions.
#11036 ACF 3560 Covered hopper walkway-Apex pattern-Atlas Trainman Car $8.50

For those modelers using the Cannon & Co. thin wall fans, I have added revised fan hatches to the line. The holes in the stainless hatches, that have been on market, have holes that are slightly larger than the CC fans. The new fan hatches are made of brass and have holes that fit the fans better, allowing for a more accurate positioning. At this time the hatches available are:
#11852 SD40-2 GP/SD40 Fan Hatch for Cannon thin wall fans - brass $3.50
#11862 GP30/35 Fan Hatch for Cannon thin wall fans - brass $3.50
#11872 GP/SD38 GP/SD39 Fan Hatch for Cannon thin wall fans - brass $3.50
#11882 GP38-2 Fan Hatch for Cannon thin wall fans - brass $3.00

Discontinued products:
I have discontinued the walkway kits for the Detail Associates/Remax ACF 2970 2 bay covered hoppers. The #076 Morton pattern and #077 Apex pattern are sold out. Consider these retired. The #078 Gypsum patterns have a few left at this time.

Price increases:
Just like everything else these days, prices have been going up on my materials. I tried to hold prices but as I evaluate costs, some products will have price increases as inventory is replenished. The first products to have increases are:
#148 Gunderson Maxi Stack container car walkway kit w/ lift rings $2.00
#243 N scale 40ft Airslide roofwalk for Atlas car $3.00

Other increases will be announced as inventory is restocked. Some products have ample supply and probably won’t be going up any time soon. Some of the more popular products (covered hopper walkways, builders materials , blinds) will more than likely go up soon.

Thank you again for your continued business!
February 2008

Plano Model Products has a new batch of details available all designed for the diesel modeler.

What better time of year than the middle of winter to release a few more winterization hatch screens and details. For the Proto2000 SD45 model, a pair of replacement screens and two styles of lift lugs found on SD45 winterization hatches. And for the Atlas SD24 model, replacement screens are available by themselves or with short walkways found on some units that cross and protect the winterization hatch screen.

#14771 SD45 Winterization Hatch Screens (2) w/Lift Lugs - Proto2000 units $4.00

#14772 SD24 Winterization Hatch Screens (2) - Atlas units $3.25

#14773 SD24 Winterization Hatch Screens (2) w/ Crossover Walkways (2) Atlas units $4.75

Through some online forum discussions, a few GP30 details, that have been overlooked by some modelers, have been developed and are now available. It is unknown how many or which GP30s had them or what they are for, but a dynamic brake extended box was found in front of the dynamic brake fan and is level with the upper roof.

#14806 GP30 Dynamic Brake Extender Box (2) - Proto2000 Model $3.50

It also appears there is a raised area of about 1.25 inches under the dynamic brake fan. Brass plates, .015" thick and a hole for a Cannon thin wall fan are available to add this detail to the Proto2000 GP30 model.
#14807 GP30 Dynamic Brake Fan Hatch Plate (2) - Proto2000 Model $4.25

Two styles of 48" fan blanks are available. These round blanks can be used to quickly add to a model to represent a roads rebuild where fans were removed and plated over. The bolt on plates come with plastic NBW castings.
#11853 48" Fan Blanks (2) Bolt on Style with NBWs - Brass - $4.00

#11854 48" Fan Blanks (2) Weld on Style - Brass - $3.75
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