December 2007

I am always busy experimenting and testing ideas for possible new products. Sometimes I get so busy experimenting I put off releasing products I have ready to release. So, here is what is new and some links to where you can find them

For the diesel detailer:

What started out as just a fill in for my personal modeling, an online discussion about lift rings prompted me to send out a few samples of my etched rings. These rings have a two level etch to give them a round ring effect. And to give both sides of the ring a 3D effect, the mounting pins the rings are attached to fold in half to give you a two sided lift ring. Once painted, you will be left with a prototypical looking lift ring. I have done four sizes to cover the different sizes found on most EMD diesels. Go to the Diesel Details page and scroll down to the section on LiftRings.

For the freight car detailer:

More coupler cut bars. This new style represents what I call a slide style, that is basically two overlapping bars with straps welded to each one, allowing the bars to adjust to the movement of the coupler. Okay, so these donít adjust. But they look like they could... Go to the Coupler Cut Bar page, near the bottom.

While building a few of the Proto2000 4427 covered hopper kits, I found a few details to etch, just because I could. Some of these details are to give a little more prototypical look Others can be used to replace fragile or broken parts. And others are details not found on the model. Go to the Covered Hopper Details page and at the top left, select '4427 details'.

There are several new products coming out in Jan. and Feb. So if you don't see anything in this announcement, check back after the first of the year.

As far as web updates, the big one will be real easy to see. I tried to clean up a few things and know I broke a few things. But now I have a new view of what I want to and plan to do during 08.

Oct. 14 2007

Yet another in-work part. Over on my in-work page I have posted a photo of the next coupler cut bar I am working on.

Sept. 2007

Another price increase. Scratch builders materials #201 and #202 are now $12.50 each.

Sept. 3, 2007

Posted an update on some products on the in-work page.

August 2007

I have a couple updates that need to be made such as new products and unfortunately price increases.

The new products are:

For those of you that still have some of our Proto2000 4427 covered hopper walkway kits to add to your models but are putting it off because you donít like those paper drill templates, you are going to need a new excuse. We now have a stainless steel drill template that will greatly aid the drilling process. These templates fit right on the car, Ďlockí in place and have holes that prevent drill bit from walking. If you have more than one or two of these cars to detail, this template is a must.

  • #10889 Drill Template for Proto2000 4427 PS2CD walkway kits - Stainless Steel $8.75

    A couple new details for the vehicle modelers. One of them is Slamlocks like those used on utility trucks and fire equipment/trucks. Each package contains 24 locking and 24 non-locking rectangular slamlocks.

  • #13850 Slamlocks - 24 each locking /non-locking - stainless steel $3.50

    And for low-boy trailers we have outriggers to add to the sides of your models

  • #13856 Lowboy outriggers - stainless steel - 24 per package $4.00

    Price increases:

    The following products have price increases:

  • #120 Freight car lift lugs - small style $2.50
  • #300 Passenger Car Venetian Blind Set - Stainless Steel$9.00

    And after around 18 years of trying to be a nice guy, I feel it is time to raise the amount I charge for shipping and handling.

    Shipping and handling is now $3.50 per shipment.

    March 19, 2007
    Posted a few photos of Athearns Maxi I

    March 07

    Nothing new yet this year but I do have a few price increases. They are:

    #083 PS 4750 Cu.Ft. Covered Hopper Walkway - Morton round pattern - InterMountain car $ 9.50
    #085 (10850) PS 54ft 3 Bay Covered Hopper Walkway - Apex slotted pattern - Athearn car $ 9.00
    #131 (11310) Brake Platforms (2) - Early Boxcar - Apex slotted pattern $ 1.50
    #358 (13580) Mack CH613 Mirror Set #1 - Bull Dog Back - Herpa / Promotex truck $ 2.50

    There are a couple projects in the works I hope to announce very soon. Stay tuned....

    I have been trying to spend a little time modeling lately. Yes, I am finally getting around to building my 'fleet' of Proto2000 4427 covered hoppers. I won't go into any details of the work here, but I have started a page that highlites a few things. As time allows, I will be adding to and revising this page.

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