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Aug. 7 2014

Two years long enough between new products? Can't believe it has been that long. Where does time go and what have I been doing? Well I finally have something done and I think some of you will be happy these are finally available.

For those of you sitting on any of those old AHM Flexi-Flow covered hoppers and thinking someday you will detail the car, time to start that project. I now have kit to help with some of those details. For those interested, you can find the info in the #10930 kit here

If you have been wanting to add brass steps to your Walthers Proto2000 SD7 and/or SD9, you can now do that. There is a step tread kit for each of those models. they are listed in the steps section of the diesel details page.

Those GP30 Extended Range Dynamic Brake cable boxes I have had available for a couple years? Well there should also be an inspection door on the left side of the blister. I have come up with two variations of those doors and now have them available. There is an early and late version. The main difference is the location of the hinges. They are listed in the GP30 section of the diesel details page.

Oct. 20 2012 New Diesel detail we have just added to our line of photo etch details

For the CNW modelers that would like to add some SD18's to their fleet of oddball diesels, we now have a couple of kits that can help you accomplish that task. We have developed two kits that will allow you to modify the Atlas SD24 into either a high nose or low nose SD18 model. Information on these conversion kits can be found on the Diesel details page in the SD18 section.
#14880 - CNW SD18 Conversion Kit - Former Southern High Short Hood Units - $18.00
#14881 - CNW SD18 Conversion Kit - Former Union Pacific Low Nose units - $17.00
While developing the SD18 kits, we found that several of the parts can be used on other SD24 models, either separately or with a little tweaking for a slightly different part or for a completely different road model. Some of those parts are:
  • SD24/26 end ladders
  • SD24/26 Side lift lugs
  • SD24/26 brass steps
  • Southern Rwy. SD24 Rebuild detail kit

    Information about all of the SD24/26 parts can be found in the SD24 section on the diesel details page.

    Those SD24 ladders are just a little bit different them the SD7/9 ladders, so with a little more tweaking we were able to make a set of ladders to fit the Proto2000 SD7/9 models. You can find them in the SD7/9 section of the diesel details page.
    For a while now I have been working on GP7/9 intake shutters to fit behind our intake screens #14860 released earlier in the year. After several trial and errors, I came up with something that will work that is relatively easy to build/install and still represent the prototype. And another product has been added for the first generation EMD geeps and that is GP18/20 intake grilles. These stainless steel grills are also fine wire representation grilles designed to fit the Proto2000 GP18s and GP20s. More information on the shutters and grilles can be found in the GP7/9/18/20 section of the diesel details page.
    Don't want to replace your Proto2000 E8 Intake grilles but want to replace the winterization hatch screens? Well, that can now be done. There is now a set of these screens available in the Winterization Hatch Screens .

    Have special project you are working on that you need to replace, add or move the door latch 'knuckle busters' on? We have our rendition of these latches available now. They are another by-product of the SD18 conversion kit. Information on them can be found in the door latch section on the diesel details page.

    And one more diesel detail to add to this batch of new kits. While very few of you will be interested, the SP models will be happy to know they can now get rotary wipers for their SD9s or GP38-2s or snow blowers or whatever. We have some in our wiper section on the diesel details page.

    Moving on to some freight car details

    The walkway on the Walthers Gold Line Trinity 100 ton Cement Covered Hopper uses a different walkway then the #086 walkway we have for their Thrall 2 bay covered hopper. We now have a replacement walkway for the Trinity car.

    Trying to wrap up the last of the PS2 4427cf add-on parts, the CNW modelers may need to add placards to the sides of their models for the harolds and lube plates. Yup, I did some of these too, They are listed in the 4427 details section of the covered hopper page.

    More coupler cut bars? Well yeah, but first, there have been several requests for a fret of just the hangers from the previously released coupler cur bar sets. I listened and that has happened. And a new coupler cut bar set has been developed to fit the Red Caboose R70-15 Refrigerator car. Information on both of these new kits can be found on the coupler cut bar page.

    How about some specialized coupler crossover platforms. Replacement platforms for the Exactrail Express series cars and for the Intermountain RTR Cylindrical Covered Hopper along with a 'variety pack' of brake platforms can all be found on the coupler and brake platform page.

    So, I think that pretty much covers all the new stuff I have just added to the line. Everything is in stock and ready to ship (still doing a little instruction tweaks and packaging). Hopefully there is something in this release of parts that you can use. Thanks for looking! Keith

    Sept 10 2012

    More early EMD intake screens. Just like the GP7/9 screens we produce, we now have intake screens for Proto2000/WKW SD7 and SD9 models and the Atlas SD24 and SD26 models. More on these stainless steel screens can be found in the SD7/9 or the SD24 section of the diesel details page.

    For those of you that are considering detailing your Athearn Genesis GP15-1, we now have a set of pilot steps for that model. The set also includes the cab steps. More on them can be found in the steps section of the diesel details page.

    Those Detail Associates horn brackets we have had on our In-work page for a while are now a product in our line. More on them can also be found on the diesel details page.
    That is all for this month. But hold on as we have several new products being released in the next month or two. The parts are all on order. I will be providing more information as time allows.

    Oct.18 2011
    The GP7/9 Intake screens and E8/9 Intake grills are now available. Information for ordering the GP7/9 screens can be found here. The ordering information for the E8 and 9 grills can be found here.

    Sept. 22 2011

    Have a few new products due in early October 2011. The first one will be the GP7/9 Intake Screens I have been working on for a while. More information on them can be found on their infromation page.
    Also new are intake grills for Proto2000 E 8/9 A&B units. There have been a few request for these over the years so I decided it was time to get them off the list. Both horizontaland FARR style will be avilable.

    Dec. 28 2010

    For the vehicle detailers, you can now add round slamlocks to your EMT vehicles and utility boxes. Each package contains twelve (12) locking and twelve (12) non-locking slamlocks. You will find them on the vehicle details page under slamlocks.
    Also new is a the new Hopper Topper walkway. This new one piece stainless steel walkway is a drop on replacement kit. More information can be found on the Covered Hopper details page under Topper Topper Walkway

    Sept 5 2010

    Summer season is over, kids are back in school and it is time to get some new products out so you have something to work on this fall. There are several products I have been messing with for a while and have finally got a bunch of them into production. I will touch on the information about each product here on the what's new page and if something sounds like a product you are interested in, follow the link on each item for more information. Hopefully there are one or two you have been patiently waiting for.

    For the HO diesel detailer.

    So how long have you had some of our 48 inch fans and been wondering how you were going to mount them in your 48 inch fan housings? (not the Cannon fans!) Well, there is now a solution for the dilemma. One of these five new products should do just the trick. I have developed some fan mounting brackets that mount on the inside of the shell and hold the fan up into the fan housing on your model. Four of the five are configured to match the hole dimensions of our fan hatch plates. The other kit is a pair of single brackets for those projects that have a different configuration. Information and a few photos on these brackets can be found on the Diesel Details page under the Fan Mounting Bracketssection.

    I know, I know, the Proto2000 GP38-2 has some issues. Well, there has got to be someone besides me that has one or two they will be detailing. So, if you are needing replacement steps for the late version with the 88inch nose, I can help with that. This set if brass steps has all the corner steps and the cab steps. Photos and details on this step set can also be found on our Diesel Details page under the Steps section.

    If you are a CNW or Milwaukee modeler, you may be interested in the conversion kits now available for low side PS2 4427cf covered hoppers. Both of the low side 4427 models on the market, Wm. K. Walthers and ExactRail, are a high mounted brake wheel version. Not all 4427 have the high mounted brake wheels. Some of them have low mounted brake wheels and there appears to be two end posts configurations on these low brake wheel cars. On some of the cars the angle iron end post point out away from the car like on the high hip 4427s and the 4740 covered hoppers. Others have the post pointing in toward the car. This latter configuration is what these two new kits represent. If these kits are of interest to you, more information and a photo or two can be found on the Covered hopper details page under the 4427 End Frames section.

    Have any freight cars needing replacement or new Loop Style Rope Pulls? A fret containing four sets of these pulls and drill templates are now available and can also be found on the Covered Hopper Details page under the 4427 Details section.

    And yet another detail for the Proto2000 4427cf PS2CD covered hopper. This detail is replacement outlet gate rails to give you a prototypical look of the shorter gate rails sometimes found on these cars. These brass replacements rails can be added to built cars or added as you build your planned build. These too can be found on the Covered Hopper Details page under the 4427 Details section.

    I have added a new page to the web site. This page will list products that are only available through this web site. These products will vary as to what they are or why they are on the page. Check it out from time to time, maybe there will be something on there that you can use for one reason or another. Check out the web only page now..

    And if you didn't check out the web only page but are hoping to find information about the Copper Anode Plates that were discussed on the MFCL yahoo list, then you need to go ahead and go to the page. There are now three verities of Copper Anode Plates available. It is a north - south thing and hopefully all your questions can be answered there. One other update. Some of our scratch builders material is now available in larger sheets. Both our Apex slotted pattern and our Morton round pattern are available in approximately 17.5 by 11.5 inch sheets. See availability and material info on the scratch builders material page.

    What else? You can't find anything of interest listed? Sorry, I can only do so much. but I still have a lot more in work and will update that page when I catch my breath.

    May 2010

    A few of the products I have been talking about for a while are now available.

    For you covered hopper modelers, I have a couple more kits for you to consider. The first one is another roofwalk for 4427cf PS2CD covered hoppers. This version was used by CNW on the 95970-96469 series cars. The special feature of this roofwalk is the lack of the end crossover section. Here is a photo of a couplemodels with one applied to a Walthers 4427 Low side model and one to a ExactRail 4427 low side model. Each kit includes the roofwalk, supports, drill template and instructions.

    #10878 - 4427 Covered Hopper Roofwalk - Apex pattern - CNW version - $ 8.50 each

    For those wanting to upgrade their Tangent 4740, or their ExactRail 4427 or even their Athearn PS2-2600 with more prototypical looking roofwalk supports, that can now be done with this new roofwalk support kit. Each kit includes enough supports to detail any one of these cars, drill templates for all three cars and instuctions.

    #10888 - PS2 covered hopper roofwalk supports - $ 3.75

    Both of these new kits can be ordered here along with all the other 4427 covered hopper details we have available.

    For diesel detailer, I am finally releasing a radiator fan hatch for SD45s that will work with the Cannon and Co. thin wall fans. Why I didn't release this one with the other four Cannon and Co. version fan hatches, I don't know. But these brass fan hatches are now in stock and available for your SD45 project.

    #11802 - SD45 Fan Hatch for Cannon and Co thin wall fans - Brass - $ 4.00

    You can order them along with all of our fan hatches here

    That is all for this update. Thanks again for the support!

    Jan. 2010 announcements.

    Have a few product announcements to make. No new parts this round just some new multi-paks, a returning product and a price increase.

    It has been suggested that I offer the #190 Morton 40ft boxcar running boards in multi paks, so

    #11906 - Package of Six Morton Pattern 40 ft Boxcar Running Boards - $18.25

    And while on a multi-pak roll...

    #11294 - Package of Four Gypsum Pattern Coupler CrossOver Platforms - $6.00

    From time to time I get requests for Apex roofwalks for the Detail Associates/Remax ACF2970 covered hopper model. Since I had those in the line previously, why not bring them back. And they are even the same original price! Who else has rereleased a product at the same price it originally sold for?
    #077 ACF 2970 c.f. covered hopper walkway kit - Apex pattern - $7.25

    And there is another part with a price increase.

    #203 - Morton Pattern Stainless Steel Scratch Builders Material is now $12.50 a sheet.

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