Part #097

While it seems all of the Canadian Cylindrical Hoppers have an Apex style walkway on them, we came across a Scoular car that carried a Morton pattern walkway. Well.....
We like to provide variety.
This photo shows some details of the walkway like the bolt heads over the walkway supports.
Coupler platforms are included, with a hole for the brake chain on the 'B' end.
This side view of the car lets you see a 'prototype view'. This car was letter with a set of decals from Herald King that is now out of business. Oddball Decals now has this set of decals available. Intermountain produced a decorated car kit for this car a few years ago. Check your dealers shelves for a kit or decals if you want to model one of these rare cars.

Cylindrical Hopper Walkway - Morton Pattern- InterMountain Car


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