Nathan M5 Horn Bracket

Detail Associates Nathan horn set 5-chime M5 #1602. the biggest problem with this kit is how fragile the bracket is. One bump, it may be history. DA bracket.

And no, that is not two brackets. It is two halves that are folded in half to give it depth and strength. In the first photo below you can see the bracket after it is folded into shape. The second photo shows the bracket at a slight angle to show the depth. I didn't do it in these photos, but a dab of glue could be added between the halves and the tabs at the top could be filed away.
Here you see a group of photos of the bracket with the Detail Associates bells and diaphrams added to them. While the assembly is a little trickier than gluing plastic to plastic, if it is planned out correctly, one could build a horn with the same results that is less likely to break.

The production brackets are made out of phos. bronze. By the time you sandwich it between five horn bells and diaphrams and then insert it into a mounting hole, it should be pretty hard to bend.