EMD E8 and E9 FARR Intake Grill Set #14832 / #14833

These stainless steel E unit grills are designed to fit on the original Proto2000 E8A and E8B models. They will fit within the frame edges on the model and should not require any rework of the existing model. If you are re-grilling a model with these new grills, it will depend on how the originally grills were applied or re-applied. These new grills are a very fine scale and closely resemble those found on prototype units.

It was stated above that these are designed to fit on the original Proto2000 E units. It is our understanding that there have been three variations of these models produced. The original model had the full side open behind the grills. Later runs, Proto2000 redid the openings behind the grills to include some body detail. We have tested these grills on both of these early versions and have verified they fit both of them. The third version of this model is the one in which Wm. K Walthers did additional updates to the model. We have not verified these grill will fit on the latest variation of the model but as soon as we know for sure they will or won't fit, we will post it here either way.

Each kit contains one set of two grills for either a "A" unit or a "B" unit. The kit also contains two screens for replacing the screens in the winterization hatches. There will be a little work required to add the new hatch screens. A sharp razor blade can be used to cut the old screen out as close as possible to the edge but a small lip will be needed to rest and attach the new screen to. Nothing major, just a little time and patience.

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#14832 - E8A FARR Intake Grill set

$ 8.50

#14833 - E8B FARR Intake Grill set

$ 10.00

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