GP18/20 Intake Grille Set #14862

These stainless steel intake grilles are design for and intended to be used on Proto2000 / Walthers's GP18 and GP20 models. Each group of grilles are one piece(*) assemblies with the grille wires attached to a frame to represent the prototype assembly. On the model we used for test fitting the grilles, the plastic grilles seam to be the slippery Delrin so how well the plastic grilles stick to an assembled model, we don't know. But you can either modify and reuse the plastic frames or build new frames using .015 X.030 styrene strip. These photos show pre-production test grilles sitting on .020 X.030 styrene and you can see they are out just a little. These grilles are not really a one piece grille as there is a rain drip rail (?) that you will have to add to the upper edge of the grille opening. It is keyed to help center the rail. If you want to use the plastic grille frame because it is already installed or it sounds more logical, it is easy to modify. Carefully remove the plastic wire grilles from their frames and then carefully cut away the remaining nubs. The drip rail will be the hardest thing to remove. A sharp razor blade across the top should remove it with little left behind. The new grilles are centered over your remaining frames and can be attached with a contact glue like Microscales Micro Bond or Barge glue or even RC plane canopy glue.

Photos are of preproduction test parts being tested on an undecorated GP18 model.

Photo Photo
Photo Photo

Proto2000 GP18 / GP20 Intake Grilles Set

$ 4.50

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