CNW SD18 conversion kit - ex UP Low nose version #14881

What started out as a little test to see if some doors could be made to add to one of the Atlas SD24 models to make it look one of the CNW SD18 units turned into multipart, multi combination and not too of extensive conversion kit. Once the main concept was figured out, the full project started rolling and as more research was done, more parts were needed/added. And not all the units were the same. This kit has all the parts needed to build one of the Ex-Union Pacific units with the low nose short hoods. If you plan to build one of the ex-Southern High short hood units, you will want our #14880 CNW SD18 ex Sou High hood kits

The main fret of this kit contains replacement walls to hold the new doors, a varity of doors to build any one of the 4+ door configurations we have seen (the ex-UP units look to have all the same configurations but just in case.), replacement exhaust and dynamic brake hatches and a lots of door hardware. Other parts also included are replacement ladders, brass sun shades, replacement lift lugs and brass dynamic brake grid covers. And the .030" styrene needed to build up the new walls is also included.

One part you will need that we suggest you use but is not supplied in the kits is a set of the Detail Associates #2402 Exhaust stacks.

More photos?? Well, there is a goal to build a couple of complete models now that the parts are in production. That hasn't happened yet. But during the development and testing of these parts, photos were taken and posted on our web site for people to keep up with what we were doing (or we attempted to anyway). Here is a link to that page. Hopefully it will give you a little insite as to what can be done or how the parts look once installed on a model. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

P/N 14881 CNW SD18 conversion kit ex-UP - Atlas models $17.00

We would also like to suggest our #14890 Intake screens set as another detail to add to your SD18 and our #14924 SD24 steps kitas well. Might as well do it all!

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