Part #14893 - SD24/26 End Ladder Set $3.50

While the following photos show a pre-production set of our SD24 ladders being test assembled, there was very little change made to the production parts. The fret contains two sets of ladder sides and an assembly fixture to hold the ladder while being assembled, as seen in the photo above. The mounting tabs (feet) on the ends of the ladders are bent 90 degrees and then the ladder sides slide up, into the slots on the fixture. This will hold the ladder square during assembly. The kit includes .010" phosphorus bronze wire to use as ladder rungs. There is also be a half etch guild on the fixture to aid in cutting the rungs to length. The idea is for the fixture to hold the sides in place, the rungs slide into the holes in the sides and then solder or glue the whole assembly together. Once that is done, the assembled ladder slides out of the fixture and is ready to add to your model. Drill template holes in the fixture plate will aid in getting the ladders added easily. The kit also includes plastic NBWs for holding the ladders in place.

We would also like to suggest our #14890 Intake screens set as another detail to add to your SD24 and our #14924 SD24 steps kitas well. Might as well do it all!

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