Southern SD24 rebuild detail parts kit #14898

While doing research and developing the parts for our CNW SD18 conversion kits, there where several features on some of the prototype units that where not common to other SD24s. These features were only on the ex-Southern High short hood units. A visit to a few online sites revealed these features were applied by the Southern Railway sometime around the mid 70s. That is all we know and some of the parts are unclear as to what they are for. Should we get more information on these parts or the Southern units, we will update this page with the information.

Regardless of what or when, we devoloped some represention parts for our kits. And since we have these parts, why not make a kit for the Southern modelers to update their Atlas SD24 models. The kits include, a shorter - single ladder, new inspection doors on ends, some sort of brackets on the dynamic brake blister and sun shades with a drip rail on the edge. Standard SD24 replacement lift lugs are also included.

More photos?? Well, there is very little chance we will ever build a Southern unit here. But during the development and testing of these parts for our SD18 conversion kits , photos were taken and posted on our web site for people to keep up with what we were doing (or we attempted to anyway). Here is a link to that page. Hopefully it will give you a little insite as to what the parts look like once installed on a model.

P/N 14898 Southern SD24 Rebuild Detail parts kit - Atlas models $ 4.25

We would also like to suggest our #14890 Intake screens set as another detail to add to your SD24 and our #14924 SD24 steps kitas well. Might as well do it all!

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