What are we working on at Plano Model Products?

May 26 2014

Added information about our upcoming AHM Flexi Flow detail kit.
Sept. 2013

Been a while since any updates have posted. Have not been able to work on much lately. I do have a few parts I am testing but there is no time schedule for any of them or guarantee I will ever get them rolled into the line. Other career changes this year hare resulted in i reduction of R&D time. Once things calm down I will get back to adding more products to the line. It might not be until earl 2014. Thank you for you patience and understanding.

here is a list if some of the parts I started working on at the beginning of the year. Again no time frame of when or even if I will get them done. Just a list so you know.

For the GP7/9 modelers -
  • Brass exhaust hatches that will fit the Cannon fans. Will have to curve down over the sides like the prototype. may be tricky.
  • Brass dynamic brake hatch to fit Cannon fan.
  • Brass non-dynamic brake hatch plate - with and without brass plates to cover DB intakes.
    For the SD7/9 modeler - Proto2000 models
  • Brass exhaust hatches that will fit the Cannon fans. .
  • Brass dynamic brake hatch to fit Cannon fan.
  • Brass non-dynamic brake hatch plate - with and without brass plates to cover DB intakes.
  • Steps - SD7 and SD9s use different steps and a set for each unit are planned.
    For the GP30 modeler. These parts will have limited appeal but they have been on my special list for years. I thought I would have a little extra time to do them. Hasn't worked out but the first test parts are here so I will list them as in-work.
  • Misc. doors, steps and plates to help convert a Proto2000 GP30 to a GP30B. Won't include a hood kit.
  • Misc. doors, steps and plates to help convert a proto2000 GP30 model to represent UP GP30 demonstraiter #875. One of those units that I have been interested in for years.
    For the covered hopper modeler. I have finally begun working on a walkway/detail kit for the old AHM Flex-flow covered hopper. Will include walkway, brass suppors, new end ladders and new end stanchions. May include a few other details but that will be determined by how much work is required to add them to the model.
    Again, no set schedule on these being completed. Will update again as I get more don and closer to availablility. sorry for the delays!

    Feb. 22
    Added some photos of the SD18 test parts added to the left side of a Atlas SD24 model. The photos are at the bottome of the CNW SD18 project page. scroll down.

    Feb, 10 2012

    Here is some information on some PS2 4750 outlet gate rails I am working on.

    Rather then keep posting new information about the SD24 project, I will ask you to keep checking the same page listed below. I have updated that page and will be as I work through the parts.

    Here is a photo of the SD7/9 intake screen test samples. Trying to decide if I want them made of stainless or Phos. Bronze. If you look at the SD24 set in the link below, you can see they look a little finer. I will decide soon and get these into production.

    That is all for this post. More coming soon, please check back often.
    Jan. 27 2012

    I have received a batch of experimental parts and as I go through them and test fit them on their intended models I will post photos. Please keep in mind that none of these parts are productions parts. The parts are probably just sitting on the model, not attached as they should be. Parts may be completely revised from what is shown even IF they do go into production. Opinions and feedback are welcome.

    The first batch of parts are designed to be used on the Atlas Master Series SD24.

    I am still experimenting with intake shutters to fir the Proto2000 GP7/9 model

    There are still more parts to test and some of the parts listed above will have more testing done as well. I will try to post information as I go through them as time allows. Thank you for your interest and your patience!

    Jan. 9 2012

    If you are a CNW fan you might be interested in this project. I am working on a batch of parts to convert a Atlas SD24 to a CNW SD18. Go here if you are interested.

    As long as I am on a Intake Screens kick, I might as well get the SD9 intake screens done. Waiting on first pass samples to arrive.

    New cut levers with brackets for both InterMountain and Red Caboose mechanical reefers are in their third revision. Each car requires a slightly different bracket and how they are mounted. And I really do not know if these cut levers/brackets will fit any other models needing simular cut levers, time will tell. If you have been following some of my previous releases you know that I tend to do a few other replacement parts for cars as I plan my modeling projects. These two cars will also be receiving some replacements parts. Again, I will update as soon as the samples arrive.

    Got to start somewhere with replacement outlet gate rails for the InterMountain PS2 4750 model. I have some test parts coming that I will use to see how they fit and look. Not planning to put a lot of detail in these, just try to get something that represents the prototype rails. Again, will post photos when samples arrive and are tested.

    July 2010

    Did a little experiment on a horn bracket to use with Detail Associates horns. See the details here.

    June 2010

    Just wanted to give a quick update on a few projects I have been working on.

    Stanchions - A new batch of test parts are on order. The samples should be here by mid-July. Fingers are crossed that these come out a little closer to what I am trying to achieve.

    PS2 4427cf low side replacement ends - found a couple oops on a couple parts so made a tweak on those. The brass drill template is the main hold up. Just trying to get it so everything is held securely while drilling for the new parts. This kit is being designed to be used on the Walthers car. It will work on the Exactrail car but from my conversations with others and my comparing the two test cars I have done, the Walthers car looks just as good as the ExactRail car after the kits and new roofwalk are installed. And really, how many will update the already detailed ExactRail car? Should have samples by mid-July of these part also.

    GP7/9 screens - nothing new to report. I will work on revising parts data while I wait the arrival of the stanchion and 4427 sample parts.

    Any/other parts mentioned as being in work - nothing new to report, but not forgotten... Will get back to them as soon as I can. Always something to work on.

    Thank you for your patience and support! Enjoy your Summer and look forward to new products ready for your Fall modeling plans.

    May 2010

    A while back there was some discussion about intake screens and shutters for GP7/9s. I don't have anything new to report on the screens, here is a photo of the latest set of experimental shutters. They are not correct as far as number of shutters. And I am not sure they will work like this. But it is progress on the attempt to see if they are feasable. Being a one piece set of shutters might make it easier to fit into a cutout in the shell. Until I get some new screens made, I am not sure how these will look or fit behind the screens. More info will be posted later this summer.

    I have put together a page with a little more information about the experimental stanchions I am working on. It may or may not answer your questions but at least you will know what I am doing or attempting to do.
    additional stanchion info

    April 26 2010
    Here is a sneek peek at some parts I am working on to display at the Cowtown Prototype Modelers Meet May 22 and 23.

    April 7 2010
    Thought I would post a few updates on some of the in-work parts listed so you know what's happening with them.

    On the 4427 c.f. low hip covered hopper conversion kit that converts the ExactRail and Walthers cars from a high brake wheel mount to a low brake wheel mount and their brake platforms, a new set of test parts will be here later this month. Gave a lot of thought to the mounting of the parts and how to accurately drill the holes for mounting the new parts. Right now it looks like there may be two kits offered. One will have all of the parts to convert two cars plus a brass template for drilling all of the holes for mounting the parts. The other kit will include all the parts needed for a conversion but the template will be paper. Guess it comes down to your preference, abilities and funds. At this time it looks like the kits will include the new angle iron posts, coupler crossover platforms and brackets, new stainless steel stirrup steps, coupler cut bar brackets and a bending jig for bending new grab irons. Will post more info once new samples are here and tested.

    The replacement PS2 roofwalk supports will be available very soon. Parts are in house and as soon as I get the package process going, I will add them to the new announcements page.

    The new style roofwalk for CNW 4427 covered hoppers without the end crossover section will also be available later this month. Just need to spend some time packaging parts.

    I received new information on the Hopper Toppers and found out I was wrong on the tread pattern of those roofwalks. A new test part was made and it looks like I can do the correct pattern on these. Just a couple things to check on before I wrap these up and put them into production. Hopefully they will be available late May or early June.

    If any of you are members or have visited the Diesel Details Forums, you may have noticed that Robert Beaty had a set of the fan brackets to test on his "cheapie fans" project. After some discussion, there was a few would saw there might be a use for these. I still need to make a couple tweaks on the brackets that hold the fans up. Again, waiting on some test parts. Hopefully these will be acceptable and production can begin this summer.

    If you read the Atlas forum or are on Andy's D-list (that's a Diesel modelers e-mail list, not like Kathy's D-list) you probably saw his photo of some test screens I did for the Proto2000 GP7/9 models. I actually did those test parts several years ago. But with all the discussions about early geeps and what to do, new, old, wait, rebuild... Why not go ahead and add to the options. Besides the screens as seen on Andy's web page, I also did an experiment on making the shutters to put behind the screens. Wasn't overwhelmed with these and felt it would be too much work. But again using online discussions, maybe by grouping some of these parts together will make them easier to use. Going to make some new test parts and report back to you later.

    And I do have some other new parts I am working on. But until I see how the test parts come out, I don't want to say too much. I am really excited about them and if they turn out as I envision them coming out, I think some of you will be happy. Or maybe not. Hopefully I will have some exciting news to post by the end of the month.

    Ok, that is enough for this update. As you can see I have plenty going on. If there is something you are waiting on, hopefully I updated it for you and your wait won't be much longer. Thanks for checking in and for the support!

    Jan. 6 2010

    Ok, I am going to try this in work thing again. Just be warned, just because I post it doesn't mean it will be made available in a timely manner if ever. And photos posted here may not be true representations of the final product.

    If you are a reader of the Yahoo MFCL group, you may have seen some posts that I am working a conversion kit for the ExactRail PS2 4427 low side covered hopper model. This conversion kit can be used to convert the model from a high mounted brake wheel to a low mounted brake wheel model. More technical information will be post as the kit is finalized but for now, photos and test info can be found on this page of information. And if you are about to skip this information because you have the Walthers version of this model, these parts fit that model also.

    And while on the subject of PS2 covered hoppers, there are a couple products that will be available soon.

    The first one to be released are replacement roofwalk supports that can be used on ExactRail's 4427, Tangents 4740 or Athearns PS2 2600 model. Each kit will come with enough supports to do any one of the listed models, a paper drill template for each car and some instructions. Here is a photo of the supports as they are supplied in the kit.

    And another 4427 roofwalk kit. This one can be used to model a CNW 4427 low side car that does not have the crossover extension. Kit will include the roofwalk, brass supports, a paper drill template and some instructions. Here is a photo of the kits applied to both the ExactRail and Walthers models.

    Next, I guess it is sort of a covered hopper. It is called a Hopper Topper, the model was manufactured by McKean and this new roofwalk is made from stainless steel. I am in a little bit of doubt as to if these are correct. I haven't found a good overhead shot of these so these are a guess. Anyone know it the end sections are even with the sides or do they extend slightly past the edges? Kits would contain the roofwalk only and glue to the plastic supports on the model.

    And here is a "WHY?" group of parts I am considering. Back a number of years ago I released some 48 inch EMD style fans. I had intended to make some sort of mounting fixture to hold these fans in place. And then the Cannon and Co. thin wall fans hit the market and I assumed everyone would be using the Cannon fans. I still assume everyone is using the Cannon fans but I don't complain that my fan are still selling. So. maybe there is still a need for these mounting fixtures. What I am looking at doing are grouped brackets that match up to my fan hatches. There will be three different length fan mounts to hold them up into your fan housing. And a single fixture would also be available. Here are some photos of the test parts.

    That is all for now. Got some work to do.

    The following parts have been on here for a while with little to no progress made. I will leave them on here for now. You never know, I might get back to them again....

    Sept. 22, 2007

    Working on some more detail parts, mostly for SD24s.

    These bell and light brackets can be found on UP SD24s.

    From the discussion a while back on the RPM list, here is one of at least two winterization hatches of GP7/9s. This one is what I will call the larger one. I have info on a slightly smaller version also. Will probably make production parts out of Phos. Bronze.

    Here is the first of a batch of SD24 parts I am working on. This bell bracket needs a few adjustments.

    Again, feed back welcome and more info will be provided as the details are closer to being made available.

    Thanks for looking!



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