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If you are wondering it I do any modeling???? Not much!

Most of the modeling I do is testing parts to see how they fit before I put them into production. I have 'a lot' of projects in various stages but nothing is getting completed. My hopes by starting this page is I can get some motivation to finish and share my projects and ideas with other modelers. With the swing of models all coming in RTR, the true railroad modelers are becoming fewer and fewer. If you are looking for 100% accurate models, you will not find them here. But if you enjoy the pride of saying "I built this!" then please feel free to look on. Feed back is welcome. I just hope you are kind in the way you present it. And remember, this is a "as time allows" page meaning it may not get updated very often.

For now, the beginings of my CNW SD45 project.

More to time allows.........