PS 2600 kits

These kits are now sold out. This page is being left online for reference only. Thank you to those who purchaced any of them. Sorry to those who missed out.

Through a special, one time agreement with Athearn Trains, we were able to sell a limited number of their PS2600 Covered hoppers in undecorated kit form. These kits contained all the parts needed to build about any road specific PS2600 model desired. There were two kits available but the ONLY difference in the two kits were the walkways. Either the center mounted walkway or the wrap-around for the Through hatch roof.
Each kit contained;
  • Two body shells - one for the even roof and one for the overhanging roof
  • Three roofs, two with 30" hatch opens - a flush eve and a overhanging eve, and one roof with the through hatch / even eves
  • Two variations of brake housings and linkage
  • All the other plastic parts needed to build one car
  • All the various wire grabs needed to finish the car
  • Couplers, trucks and weights

    An appropriate Plano Model Products produced walkway and brake platform was supplied in each kit.

    All you need is glue, paint and decals.

    NOTE: Each kit will only build one car! You'll have to be very creative to use the extra parts... Maybe a flat car load of a damaged car??

    Think of these as a no frills kit and the instructions will be pretty basic. As modelers begin to work on their cars and want to make suggestions or tips, I can post them here. (SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE) And if anyone wishes to share their road specific modifications, I can post them here also.

    Here is a roster of the PS2600s compiled by James Eager and posted on the MFCL. If anyone has any updates or corrections they wish to make, Please let me know.

    Road Series Qty Blt Roof Hatch Gates SD-CD Notes Decals
    B&O 600100-600199 100 PS 10-65 OVR 30" GRAV SD N-94 / HC-19
    BKTY 1300-1374 75 PS 2-66 OVR 30" GRAV SD or red
    BN 430104-430214 110 PS 7-64 NON 30" GRAV CD EX-NP 76000-76119
    C&NW 95650-95849 200 PS 7=8-64 NON 30" GRA/PNU SD
    C&NW 95850-95869 20 PS 7-64 NON 30" GRA/PNU SD
    C&NW 96470-96619 150 PS 6-66 NON 30" GRAV SD
    C&O 600000-600099 100 PS 10-65 OVR 30" GRAV SD
    CR 876241-876305 50 PS 5=6-66 NON 30" GRAV SD EX-EL 21300-21349, CE12A Highball F-262
    CREX 1100-1109 10 PS 10-65 NON 30" GRAV SD EX-GTW 138000-138049
    CSXT 220050-220090 100 PS 6-63 NON TRGH GRAV CD EX-L&N 38650-38749 / 201950-201984
    CSXT ? 500 PS 9=11-64 NON 30" GRAV SD EX-L&N 201000-201499 / 201500-201695
    CSXT ? 40 PS 6-66 NON 30" GRAV SD EX-MON 50000-50039
    D&M 6100-6149 50 PS 8-64 NON 30" GRAV SD
    DT&I 11100-11199 100 PS 7-65 NON TRGH GRAV CD notice bays Highball F-263
    EL 21300-21349 50 PS 5=6-66 NON 30" GRAV SD
    GTW 111100-111199 100 PS 7-65 NON TRGH GRAV CD EX-DT&I 11100-11199, ROUND HATCHES ADDED Highball F-261
    GTW 138000-138049 50 PS 10-65 NON 30" GRAV SD
    L&N 38650-38749 100 PS 6-63 NON TRGH GRAV CD
    L&N 201000-201499 500 PS 9=11-64 NON 30" GRAV SD
    L&N 201500-201695 RE# EX-201000-201499 - note rope pulls
    L&N 201950-201984 RE# EX-38650-38749 - note bays<
    MON 50000-50039 40 PS 6-66 NON 30" GRAV SD
    N&W 170700-170749 50 PS 7-65 NON 30" GRAV SD HC19
    NP 76000-76119 120 PS 7-64 NON 30" GRAV CD
    WSOR 501001-501036 36 PS 10-65 NON 30" GRAV SD EX- GTW 138000-138049

    Qty Part# Description Price
    #PS26001 Athearn PS2600 Cov'd Hop Kit - Center Roofwalk Sold Out
    #PS26002 Athearn PS2600 Cov'd Hop Kit - Through Hatch walkway Sold Out

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    I reserve the right to update, fix, correct, or change any info on this site!

    Modelers notes, inputs, questions...

    While looking through online photos of PS2600's, I noticed several had holes for rope pulls rather then the wire loops like the ones supplied in the kits. I guess these could be built from styrene.

    And what are the tubes on the ends of this GT car? Are they some sort of pressure diff. tubes? Here is another view of the tube but also notice the brake platform? How common are/were the Morton pattern platforms?
    Does anyone have detail photos of the ends of these PS2600 cars? Would you mind sharing with me/use?

    Jim from Highball graphics sent this update.
    Hi Keith,
    I just saw your post on the Freight car modelers group on the PS 2600's. It's funny I just did up the Decal artwork for the GTW 111100-111199 cars. I'll probably have them Screen Printed in a month or 2. These cars were in captive service in VT for Limestone loading and I think they will be popular with New England Modelers. I have a few detail pics I can send if you need them . The 2 pics attached were taken by me on the New England central in Brattleboro, VT on 8/27/05. On some of these cars there were 5" or 6" pipes installed for some reason. They entered the car top-center and angled down to the bottom and exited below the sill by the step. Both pipes appear to exit the same side. They have fittings on the ends for a hose so they could have been for loading or pressurizing the load for unloading. I'm trying to find out what they were used for. If you look close at the pics I sent the 111193 dosen't have them and the 111122 dose.
    I haven't been able to find any shots of the 138000 series cars in GTW paint. I did find a shot of one that was sold to the Wisconsin & Southern I noticed you don't have them listed on your chart. Of the 50 cars in the 138000-138049 series looks like 36 went to the WSOR (501001-501036) and 10 went to CREX (1100-1109) in 1988.

    WSOR Car

    CREX car

    You may already have this info but I just thought I'd let you know anyway.

    nope I didn't so thank you!
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