SD24 /SD26 Intake Screen Set #14890

These stainless steel intake screens are design for and intended to be used on Atlas's SD24's and SD26's. Each group of screens are one piece with the screens attached to a frame that represents the prototype assembly.

To add these screens to your model, you will need to remove the molded in plastic screens from the model. Accomplishing this depends on the tools you have available. One method would be to use a #50 drill bit and go around the edge of the screen drilling a series of holes. Make sure the holes are to the inside of the outer frame. Once you have all the holes drilled, a straight edge blade around the edge should allow the old screens come right out. A little file work around the opening to smooth it all out. Next, use a file to remove the plsstic grille frame from around the opening. You will need a smooth and flat surface to apply these new screens to. The new screens will be centered over your cutouts and can be attached with a contact glue like Microscales Micro Bond, Barge glue or even RC plane canopy glue.

/atlas SD24 / SD26 intake screens set

$ 4.00

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