4750 cu.ft. PS2CD Covered Hopper Walkways
Kits #10831 and #10832

These two kits were developed based on articles by Ken Edmier in Nov. and Dec. 2001 issues of Model Railroading magazine. In the article, Ken described how he used a couple of other Plano kits to recreate walkways found on Santa Fe 4750 covered hoppers. Since I already had the sizes needed to make the walkways he described, I decided to go ahead and make them for the Plano line of products. Again, the article was based on SF cars but CNW also had some 4750's with the Apex walkways (more info to come). These kits will have a limited appeal to modelers and may not be stocked by dealers. As long as they are listed on this web site, they are available. Please ask your dealer to order them for you.

#10831 - PS 4750 Cu. Ft. Covered Hopper walkway kit - Apex slotted pattern - InterMountain Car
#10832 - PS 4750 Cu. Ft. Covered Hopper walkway kit - gypsum diamond pattern - InterMountain Car

$9.00 each

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