AHM Flexi Flo Covered Hopper Walkway Kit and Stanchions#10930

May 26 2014
OK, this has been a slow to develop project. It took many years and a lot of requests but I have finally started. Once started, there was a lack of time issue and a lot of 'what to do and how to do it'. One has to consider the model being detailed and how much the modeler wants to do. Some will be fine with just a new roofwalk, others will rebuild the whole car. This model is not the latest technology model! So I decided to some of the more obvious details in my kit and leave the serious stuff to the modeler.

So, this kit will consist of:
  • replacement roofwalk with brass supports
  • replacement end ladders
  • replacement end stanchions with curved grab handles
  • replacement stirrup steps
  • replacement brake housing bracket
  • new brake platform
    The following photos show test parts applied to one end and the roof of the model. A few disclaimers: The roofwalk is not attached in these photos, only set in place for photo shoot. These test parts are made of stainless steel but the production parts will be made out of phosphorus bronze (roofwalk supports will be brass). Yes, these parts were applied to the 'A' end of the car, they are being test fitted.

    I am hoping to get these kits on the market sometime this summer (2014). Still have a few tweaks to make, instructions to write (argh) and figure out the paper drill template for the roof.

    Now that I have confirmed there is going to be a kit coming soon and what it will consist of, I an sure there are many of you just salivating to get started. Well mentally maybe. For anyone that does start whacking away on their model, a few things to keep in mind as you do. DO NOT plug the rectangular hole in the end platform at the base of the plastic ladder. There is a tab on the new ladders that will fit in part of this hole to help locate and hold the new ladder in place. You might be able to see a white .040" x .040" plug on the back side of the ladder leaving just enough room for the tab. Removing those honker walkway mounting supports from the roof will leave honker holes to fill. Good luck! Removing the corner stanchions and stirrup steps isn't to hard, just make sure you maintain the same shape and contour of the rest of the side sill. Something not part of this kit but will need to be addressed are the coupler pockets. I am curious as to what modelers will use. Maybe one made by Moloco? Not sure which one would be correct but if I find out I will post it.

    I hope you like what you see in the photos. More updates will be made as soon as a release date is known

    AHM Flexi Flo Covered Hopper Walkway Kit and Stanchions #10930

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