Part #14808

Prototype GP30s without dynamic brakes had a round plate bolted over the hole where a fan would be mounted. This kit will allow you to recreate this detail. Photo one show what is included in the kit. A dynamic brake hatch to represent the one inch raised area of the dynamic brakes. A round plate to plate over the fan opening. NBWs to bolt down and liftrings to lift the plate. Only one liftring is needed but you get two each of two sizes. Photo two shows the dynamic brake hatch in place. Notice the bolt holes are slightly offset to the front to match the fan hole in the shell. Photo three shows the round plate sitting on the hatch plate. All of the holes will need to match up and the liftring square hole can be positioned in any direction. A square hole? Well, the liftring mounting pin is actually square, so.... And photo four is of a completed kit with NBWs and a liftring in place.

Photo Photo
Photo Photo

GP30 Non-dynamic Brake Hatch Plate and Blank Plate


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