NSC 53' Well Car Platforms
Kits #13230-13234

Stainless steel walkway platforms can be used to replace the plastic platforms that come with the model produced by Wm. K. Walthers. These platforms feature a Morton round pattern. Grab irons, Stanchions and Stirrup steps are all attached to these platforms. Patience and care must be used to bend a portion of the stanchions with grabirons 90 degrees. Once these are formed, the stanchion and stirrup sections are then bent 90 degrees to the platform. This "assembly" is than placed on each end of the car/unit.

I want to note that the U shaped platform next to the well is a one piece platform in these kits. On the prototype, the platform next to the well is actually lower than the others. These replacement platforms are designed to replace the models platforms. They are NOT true prototype replacements!

Some of the prototype cars have IBC boxes applied to the sides of the cars. Thanks to Brian Kreimendahl, information on these boxes allowed me to create some representations of these boxes. With a few easy bends, a box can be formed and glued to the side of the models. These boxes are available in a couple of the platform sets or separately.

RailModel Journal ran a prototype article in their Feb. 2002 issue.

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