Part Number

Part #374

International Mirror Set #2
straight lower arms - Herpa/Promotex


below is a quick how-to on forming a mirror for a IHC cab. Hopefully these instructions will help you bend your mirrors to shape. This method can also be used on most of our other mirrors sets.

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This photo shows one of the mirrors removed from the fret. Notice how it is removed with the intire mounting pin still on the mirror arm. These can be shortened later if desired but will aid in forming and installing mirror.
Here is just the mirror assembly before being formed. The antenna can be clipped off if you do not want one on your mirror. But you might want to wait until after you form your mirrors.
We will begin by forming the upper arms of the mirrors. Using a pair of tweezers, grasp the mirror right where the arms Y out. Using the attenna as a hold surface will help keep this section from turning.
Now using a second pair of tweezers, grasp the mirror arms and twist them 90 degrees.
This is what the upper arms should look like once they are twisted 90 degrees.
The lower arms are a little more trickier and will need some patience. Again using a pair of tweezers, grasp the lower arms right where it Y's out.
Using the second set of tweezers, twist the lower arms 45 degrees in one direction.
Here is the trickiest part. Bend the second arm down 90 degrees away fro the top arms.
Here is a inside view showing all the arms bent to their intended position.
This front view shows the bent arms and you will notice the lower arms angle down about 45 degrees. For the mounting holes, use the four holes around the "IH2" on the fret for a drill template. Align holes where you want mirror and drill #78 holes. Insert mounting pins in holes and glue in place. Adjust mirror as needed. Mirror head can be turned in toward cab.

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