PRR X56B and X43C Boxcar models built by Tom Haag

With Toms permission, I am reposting these photos of his PRR X56B and X43C boxcars originaly posted on the MFCL. He used several of the products I have available and at the bottom of this page, you will find a word document with information on the decals he has available. Here are his photos and what he had to say about them. Thank you, Tom!

X56B Boxcar Photos Photo Information
Overall view of my PRR X56B. Car started with a Branchline double door boxcar tht I added a new sidesill to.. Other additions are a Moloco roof, Kato trucks, Details West cushion coupler pockets, Plano running boards, running board supports, end platforms, brake platform, and cut levers, and Detail Associates ladders. Car lettered with my recently revised PRR decals. Ordering information is provided below.
End view of my PRR X56B showing the Plano cut lever and brackets and those nice Details West cushion coupler pockets. PRR decals are available from me.
Roof shot of my X56B showing the Moloco roof with a Plano running board. An article on how I modeled this ca was in the on-line issue of the October "Keystone Modeler" on how I modeled this car.
X543C Boxcar Photos Photo Information
Side view of my PRR X43C. Car modeled using the Branchline 40' boxcar with a new sidesill added. Car was lettered with my new PRR PK Boxcar decals. The lube plate and trust info is from the PCRRHS data set.
Another view. Car was painted Polly Scale Italian Brown that had some Zinc Oxide added. Car was weathered for a 1976 era time frame.
Another shot. Kato trucks were also added.
End view of my X43C. Ladders were cut down and the brake wheel lowered. The brake platform is a Plano part.
X51 Boxcar Photo Photo Information
Kitbashed PRR X51 modeld from a Branchline kit and lettered with my PRR PK decals.
PRR boxcar decal info Word File - Pricing and Ordering Information for my newly revised PRR PK boxcar decals.
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