Customer Photos

Do you have a model you have detailed using a product of ours? If so, we would like you to send us a photo and description of it so we can show it off for you. Either we can scan the photo or e-mail us a .jpeg and we will feature it on this page.

  • Here is a link to a series of photos by Mike Turner showing details and their measurements of a GP9. Several good close-ups.

  • Photos of Tom Haag's PRR boxcars with some Plano parts on them.
  • Photos of Tom Haag's PRR H49 Covered Hopper built from a ExactRail 4427 kit.

  • Photos of Jeff Eggert's CNW 4427 PS2 built from a Walthers kit.

  • David Lange sent us these prototype photos he had of a couple CNW covered hoppers. These photos can be used as references if you are using one of our 4427 end cage kits to convert a Walthers or ExactRail model to match the CNW prototype.

  • Dan Kohlberg rebuilt one of the Atlas Trainman 3560 covered hoppers.

  • Jim Drennan ATSF GP30u #2770 with Filter Shrouds and Smoke Delectors.

  • Not photos sent to me but here is a link to a web page about Joe Enriquez

  • Clifton Perkins Sent me these photos of his SP SD45 with elephant ears.

  • Peter Davidson from Denmark Sent these 33K gal tank car photos.

  • Sean Steele used some of out walkway materials to detail this Conrial Flexi-Flow.

  • Richard Yaremko sent us some photos showing his Atlas ACF cylindrical hoppers with our #096 walkways applied.

  • Jack Koltaj informed us of some photos posted on the web by the famous Harry Wong. Mr. Wong attended the 12th Annual Western Prototype Modelers meet and had taken some photos of a utility truck Jack had on display. We asked Jack what all he had done to create this nice looking model. Here is what he had to say.

  • Lee Stewart sent us a picture of his Big John covered hopper he kitbashed from two Walthers 4427 cars.

    When made the official announcement that our autorack panels where finally coming, we started hearing from modelers who who where excited to hear the news and a few who had given up on us.

  • One of the first to contact us was Stephen Sebesta who had given up on us and drill holes in the panels of his Walthers autorack. Take a look at the efforts of this TRUE MODELER!

  • And of course, we wouldn't be happy if "Autorack Master" Mike Budde hadn't tested out our panels. Well, he did and he must have been pleased as he sent us some photos of a completed car. Can't wait to see him continue his series in Railmodel Journal.
    Check back from time to time to see what others are doing.