SD24 Test parts

The following photos are of some parts being tested on an Atlas SD24 model.

This first set of photos show replacement steps set in place. The plastic steps have not been removed in these photos and the brass steps are just resting on them. On this model, the undecorated anyway, the middle step is a separate part and once removed, new styrene mounting ledges will need to be installed. There are two styles of top steps shown on the fret, but so far I have only found data showing a "nub" safety tread step. Yes, brain was not working when I drew these up. I had the info right here... I will fix that.

Next are a couple of shots with a set of replacement intake screens sitting on the shell over an opening. The ones shown are made of Phos. Bronze and are used for photos only. They stand out better then the stainless steel used in production parts.

Here is a photo of a set of SD24 intake screens made out of stainless steel. Actually, the screens on the Phos. bronze screens look better but the frames and bolts look a little heavy. Not sure which on will be used for production parts.

Replacement ladders for the rear of SD24's are in the works. Here is a link to photos and information on that project.
And for that CNW SD18 model I am working on, here are a couple photos of the fret of parts to redo the doors on that model. As you can see these are tweaked parts from the previous test parts. I hope to start testing these parts soon.

As I stated previously, these are first look photos and I will be doing more testing and taking photos of the processes. Please check back later.

Thank you!

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