Photos and models by Stephen Sebesta

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Hi, your new auto rack panels look really good. Thought these photos may interest you. This was a pre-decorated MKT enclosed bi-level kit that I kitbashed into an open car. I drilled out all the "dimples" on the Walthers plastic panels then mounted them. It took about 1.5 to 2 hours per panel; I think about 12,000 holes in all! (your panels weren't yet out). Regardless, the photos illustrate that it is a relatively simple task to modify the Walthers body to get that "see-through" prototypical look. And compared to the effort of drilling out all the holes in the plastic panels, your etched panels are a bargain! Hopefully I will get to do a couple additional kitbashes with your panels. Feel free to post the photos on your website if you desire to illustrate the body modifications. Stephen Sebesta

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