Proto2000 SD45 intake grills and screens #11805

These screens and grills are intended to be used on the Proto2000 SD45 model. They are designed to replace the plastic grills found on the model. The kit includes six brass filter screens and six stainless steel grills. If you are adding these parts to an undecorated model, you will need to remove the plastic grills from their individual cavities. The new screens attach to small lips found in the cavities and then the grills into four holes you drill to hold the grills in place. More detailed instructions are included with each kit.

According to the phase information posted on TrainWeb, these diamond mesh filter screens were used until late 1968.
If you are unsure of which style of filter screens will be needed to match your prototype, please visit Train webs SD45 phase list that has excellent breakdown of a SD45 differences.

P/N 11805
SD45 Intake Grill Set w/ Early Diamond Mesh Filter Screens - Proto2000 model
$ 8.00

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