CNW 4427 PS2 Covered Hopper Photos by David Lange

David Lange sent us these photos of a few CNW covered hopper prototypes. There are photos of three different 4427 low hip CNW covered hoppers. Photos of cars #96105 and 96298 all show details of the low brake wheel version like those our #10875 and #10876 kits are designed to represent. But one interesting feature the photos of car 96298 show is what looks like an added roofwalk end crossover platform. Not sure how many cars had this added platform. For now, if you are interested in added this platform, I can only suggest using a #088 roofwalk versus the #10878 roofwalk which does not have the crossover platforms. The photos of car #170645 show details of the high brake wheel version cars like the ExactRail and Walthers models represent. There is also a photo of a MP car at the bottom of the page that appears to have a very simular low brake configuration. The difference appears to be the end ladders. Unlike the CNW version, this ladder uses the same post configuration.

CNW 96105 by David Lange

CNW 96298 by David Lange

CNW 170645 by David Lange

MP 715450

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