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Athearn Blue Box Deisels

These are early - original run powere blue box kits

ath4914 ath4349 - C44-9W - original 'blue box' - CNW #8651 $50.00

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Athearn Genesis F unit sets and singles - new in box

The following Genesis F units are some of the first run units produced by Athearn. They are all new in box with the exception that I did take them out to inspect and admire them. They have never been run or even test run.

Ath-G2603 CB&Q F3 A and B #135C & D $230.00
Ath-G2511 ACL F3 A and B 347 & 347B Sold
Ath-G2611 ACL F2 A and B #328 & 328B SOLD
Ath-G1506 RI F7 A and B #108 & 108B $230.00
Ath-G1006 RI F7 A Freight Scheme #118 $115.00
Ath-G2501a SP F3 A and B Black Widow scheme #6103 & 8003 $230.00
Ath-G2501b SP F3A and B Black Widow #6103/8003 $230.00
Ath-G3200a Milwaukee F9 A and B #85C & D $230.00
Ath-G3200b Milwaukee F9A and B #85C/D $230.00
Ath-2510 WP F3ABB #803A-B-C $345.00
Ath-G2506 UP F3 A and B #1402 & 1402C $230.00
Ath-G2606 UP F3 A and B #1449 & 1440B $230.00
Ath-G UP F3 A and B #1402 & 1402C $230.00

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