Tank Car Details

  • Platforms
  • 10,000 Gallon Tank Car
  • LP Tank Cars
  • 33,000
  • Tank Tainers
  • Placard Frames

  • Platforms

    Tank car platforms are made to fit cars manufactured by MDC and Walthers. These kits include four stainless platforms (two near the dome and two for the ends), brass frames with stanchions and replacement brass ladders.

    Qty Part# Description Instructions Price
    #301 Tank Car Platforms - Walthers Funnel Flow preview $7.00
    #305 Tank Car Platforms - MDC Modern Tank Car preview $ 7.00

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    10,000 Gallon Tank Car

    For the Red Caboose 10,000 gallon Type 103W tank car, add our dome platforms with brackets and a four piece Apex walkway that wraps around the car. Replace your plastic walkway or overlay it with the new stainless steel walkway.

    Qty Part# Description Price
    #306 10,000 gallon Type 103W Tank Car Walkway Kit $ 5.50

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    LP Tank Cars

    We have three different walkway/detail kits for the Walthers 65 ft. LP Gas Tank Car. All the kits include walkways, walkway supports, ladders, stanchions, end platforms and handrails (where applicable).

    Kit #302 has been replaced with kit #13020. The stanchions in this new kit have been redesigned, making them easier to form, stay in shape and stronger if bumped.

    Qty Part# Description Instructions Price
    #13020 65ft LP Tank Car Walkway - center mounted Walthers Car view $11.25
    #303 LP Tank Car Walkway -side mounted - outside handrail - Trinity style ------ $11.75
    #304 LP Tank Car Walkway - side mounted - inside handrail - General Am. style ------ $11.25

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    33,000 Gal. Tank Car Walkway

    Replacement walkway kit for the Atlas 33K Gal. tank car includes end platforms and ladders.

    Qty Part# Description Price
    #307 33,000 Gal Tank Car Walkway Kit - Atlas Car $ 8.50

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    Tank Tainers

    Our tank container walkways have the Gypsum (expanded metal) pattern.

    Qty Part# Description Price
    #315 BulkTainer Walkway - American Limited $3.00
    #316 Tank Container Walkway - Walthers $3.00
    #317 Tank Container Walkway - American Limited $3.00
    #318 Tank Container Walkway with ATSF style Placard Holders - American Limited $ 5.00

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    Placard Frames

    Stainless steel placard frames are available in a flush mount for semitrailers and a post mount for tank cars. The post mounted frame has a backing that folds into place holding the placard behind the frame.

    Qty Part# Description Price
    #310 Tank Car Placard Frames (8 post mount & 8 flush mount) $3.00
    #311 Semitrailer Placard Frames (12 flush mount) $3.00

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