Detailing Information

The HO scale walkways and detail are made of .008" stainless steel.

Five patterns are used on our HO walkways.

  • A round opening pattern used to represent the "open Grip" running boards/walkways maufactured by Morton Mfg.Co. These holes measure approximately .016" in diameter and are staggered across the walkways.
  • A slotted opening pattern representing the "Grate" style Tri-loc running boards/walkways manufactured by Apex Railway Products. The slotten openings are evenly spaced throughout the walkways at prototypical dimensions.
  • A vertically expanded diamond shaped opening representing the running boards/walkways manufactured by the U.S. Gypsum Co. This pattern is designed per information obtained from the 1953 Car Builders Encylopedia.(This may be an early or late model depending on your applications.)
  • A horizontally expanded diamond pattern represents the Transcodiamond pattern found on some reefers. This is in contrast to the Gypsum diamond which is vertically expanded metal.
  • A metal running board for the Santa Fe Reefers produced by InterMountain and sold through Longs Drugs. These are used to change from a wood running board to a metal running board, matching their favorite protoype car.