Scratch Builders Materials

Over the years, we have had requests for a variety of products made using some of the patterns we use on some of our parts. While it would be nice to accommodate all of the requests, it just isn't possible. Looking for a way to fill some of those requests, we started producing sheets of metal that feature our walkway patterns. Starting out with our Apex (slotted) pattern and Morton (round) pattern, customers were finding they could now build some of those specialty projects they were hoping to build. Steps, grilles, platform grates and even autorack side screens are just a few of the projects people were using it for. Sheets are approximately 1.8" X 8.5" .008" All sheets are approximately 1.8" x 8.5" and made of either stainless steel or brass as noted in product description.

Qty Part# Description Price
#201 Builders Material - Stainless steel-Apex pattern sold out
#202 Builders Material - Brass - Apex pattern sold out
#203 Builders Material - Stainless steel - Morton pattern DISC
#204 Builders Material - Brass - Morton pattern $ 16.25
#208 Builders Material - Brass - Diamond Pattern Safety Tread TBD

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