Sneek peek of what I am preparing to show at the 2010 Cowtown Modelers Meet

I plan to attend the Cowtown Modelers Meet May 22nd and 23rd. And during the show, I have several potentially new products I will be showing, discussing and getting feed back on. Some of these parts have been in work for a while and others are just now being announced. As I prepare the parts for display, I will be taking photos to put on the web site. I will attempt to post photos as things progress. But don't be surprised if I just post sneek peek photos. My hope is that those attending will see this info and be prepared to discuss what I am working on. There will be more updates between now and May 22nd.

A couple more details for the Proto2000 4427cf PS2CD Highside covered hopper.

A replacement through hatch

and some generic gate tracks.

The progress of the 4427 Lowside end conversion kits

Some end platforms for the LBF skybox car.

And some other parts I just recieved

April 29 2010

Here are some photos of a few parts being tested on a P2K GP38-2 88" nose version - click the photo.

Still more coming soon..........

And for those who won't or can't attend, I understand. Hopefully some non-bias feed back will be provided after the meet. Or you can follow this web site for my input...

Thanks for looking!


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