Other Interests we have

Plano Model Products is a model railroaders company. We attempt to build models produced by several other companies in the industry. Even though we don't have a detail for every model produced, we would still like to show off some of our modeling efforts (or lack there of). We have set up this page hoping to start showing some of these efforts. Be warned! Some of these efforts could be "Under Construction". We may also throw something in here to see if we get any feed back / interest from it. So click away and enjoy.

A monster truck idea. March 01 update
Ever seen a Tri-king camper?
Here is a look at a couple Kenworth T800 models
Overland Models 198? Cat pipe dozer
An 80 Ton Lowboy trailer scratch built by Dennis Aust.
An 60 Ton Lowboy trailer scratch built by Dennis Aust.
Check back from time to time.


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